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VISIT TO DIOMIRA - the lunch - FULL N. 1

Today we were invited to lunch by Diomira. We come to an agreement to spend some time together I, Silesia and Diomira with three slaves, to be able to amuse a while. Originally from Diomira there was a slave (slave name for him is an absolute honor!) That, shortly after, having regard to our continuous verbal humiliation against him, he decided to leave the field! Nothing bad ... rather few, but good! In fact, we stayed with our two devoted slaves (Andy and Fluffy) and certainly we had fun even more. I had to cut the pieces in which there was a slave who is gone, but the best bits were, thankfully! ...The scenes more 'beautiful and important had been done right with Andy and Fuffy ahahahaha! Fluffy has served the pasta, made from mat under the table to me and Silesia, he sniffed good smelly socks I was wearing .... she ate chewed food ... Andy has had the honor to us as a cushion unto Me and Silesia, as the wooden bench on which we sat was too hard .... took slaps from Silesia. In the second part (games) continue our oppression against them .... at that point had been called another slave Diomira ... He made ​​really fun! (for an explanation, I refer you to the second part of this full movie







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video,  foot smelling, foot worship, foot domination